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December 21 2013

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Asakusa by Kahoumono on Flickr.

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December 19 2013

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Secrets I have held in my heart
Are harder to hide than I thought
Maybe I just wanna be yours

December 18 2013

Znaleźć wrażliwych ludzi, którzy czują to, co my, jest z pewnością największym szczęściem na ziemi.
— Carl Spittel
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Kobieca biologia sprawia, że kobiety pożądają "złych chłopców", bo ich cechy przypominają te, które są potrzebne do przeżycia. Wytrzymałość, siłę fizyczną i odwagę.
— Wiedza bezużyteczna
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December 16 2013

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so this happened

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December 15 2013

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Dirty Hands
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“I should have reciprocated her feelings and held her tight. That was the one thing she was hoping for — to be accepted and embraced unconditionally, to be comforted by someone, if only for a moment.”
— Haruki Murakami, 1Q84
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December 14 2013

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(x) Ryan slowly losing his mind sure is entertaining.

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I’m reblogging this again because I love the message behind it and I think it needs to be passed on.

My mother let us choose. My brother and I decided that religion just wasn’t for us. She reacted neutrally and we were not baptised, nor did we make our first holy communion.

My sister chose religion. She woke my mum up every Said “its time to go to church”. She was baptised at 8 years old when she was able to do it for herself, read the relevant parts herself, and knew the choices she was making rather than it being made for her. And she was so happy. Religion should be a choice, and one that you are fully consenting and happy to make.

She’s now 12 and she still has the cross that was a gift at her baptism above her bed, and still reads her little bible from time to time. She doesn’t attend church any more, because she doesn’t feel that church is necessary to have a god.

I am an atheist, as I have stated. But I’m here for her if she ever wants to talk to me about her religion and all things associated.

That is how religion should be. For everyone.

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